Hi! I'm Sarah. This is my screencaps site, which has existed in some form or other since around 2012!

I've always been interested in capturing images, ever since I was a kid. Believe it or not, I used to try and do it with my parents' old film camera! Yes really! I'd take photos with that camera, wait for someone to take the film to the photo shop to get it processed, take the resulting photos and THEN scan them with a scanner! Seeing as how I was around 11 years old and had no idea how to work any of this stuff (to be fair, it was 1999, so neither did many other people my age) it did not work very well.

Luckily, times changed! I still love taking still images from videos but now I can do it MUCH faster and easier! And that's how we got this website. Fingers crossed it can serve as a good resource for years to come.

Got a question for me, or a request? Hop on over to the QuiteUnlikely.net Twitter!

Or hey, perhaps you're interested in the videos you, too, used to watch as a kid? Then you want Vintage Videos, my YouTube channel!