Frequently asked questions

Is all the screencapping done by one person?

Yep! Me!

How do you do it?

With the programs KMPlayer and PotPlayer, which allow you to take screenshots from a movie file. Then I go through the screenshots and delete any that are blurry.

What can I do with these screencaps?

Anything you want! Screencaps fall under fair use, as long as you're not making money off them. You can use them on anything from memes to blog posts.

How did you make this website?

I used Coppermine and to make the menu I used free coding from W3Schools.

What's all this about a search function?

So, this site also functions as a database (think like, IMDB, but for screenshots)! You can look up any celebrity via the search or Advanced Search function and see all the screenshots of them. For example, if you typed in "Tom Holland Avengers Endgame" you'd get just the shots of Tom Holland in Avengers Endgame. Type in "Hugh Grant" and you'll get just the shots of Hugh Grant from all the movies of his I have on file.

Type in "Hugh Grant + Tom Holland" and you'll get... nothing, because they've never been in a movie together. But try different pairs of actors and if I've screencapped a movie with both of them in it, that oughta bring up all the images of them together.

But there's more! You can also search by colour and by concept. If you search for, say, "Star Wars + purple" you'll get any purple-coloured scenes that showed up in Star Wars. If you type in "doctor who + hugging" you'll get all the scenes of characters hugging in Doctor Who. Make sense?

Wait, you screencap all this stuff and then you carefully label the images with the actors/colours/concepts that appear in them?! Why would anyone do that?!

I am to the best of my knowledge autistic. (No, that's not a joke.) Turns out it has its advantages.